There have been a number of new releases this week in document management, including OpenText’s customer communication management system that offers tight Microsoft integration. Xerox has also been busy with the release of ConnectKey, Novell securer’s document with new security measures, and the German national postal service enters the world of mobile apps.

OpenText’s StreamServe v5.6

OpenText has been busy this week with a new version of StreamServe 5.6 that will enable user’s to manage their enterprise documents better by offering tighter integration with other OpenText enterprise information management solutions.

StreamServe 5.6, which OpenText describes as a customer communications management (CCM) system, also offers tighter integration with Microsoft Word documents and HTML giving document authors better marketing capabilities to optimize business impact.

According to OpenText, StreamServe will enable organizations to make billing statements and other forms of customer communications more engaging and relevant, although how you make billing more relevant is not exactly clear.

However, this is not about billing, or any other individual documents. According to OpenText, v5.6 offers users the ability to configure entire marketing campaigns by integration with the many different elements of OpenText’s EIM, or in Microsoft Word, while staying within the parameters of their corporate guidelines.

OpenText's CCM products are part of the OpenText Customer Experience Management (CXM) suite of solutions and one of the foundational pillars of the EIM strategy OpenText outlined last year. It’s available now.

Xerox’s ConnectKey

Xerox has also been expanding its document management abilities recently with the introduction of ConnectKey, a new software system that is embedded in its multifunction printers and designed for the mobile enterprise.

According to Xerox, 16 ConnectKey enabled MFPs will make use of security developed by McAfee that will allow the secure development of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Devices) through ConnnectKey’s API.

Using Xerox partners, systems integrators and resellers can develop and embed apps on the MFPs with no additional software requirements.

Through the MFP as a secure hub, ConnectKey’s features include the ability to scan and upload documents to cloud repositories, send business-critical documents directly into workflow processes and print securely and easily from any mobile device,” said Douraid Zaghouani, president, Channel Partner Operations, Xerox.

Some of the new features include:

  • Standard apps or build-your-own:
  • Cloud access
  • Connect to SharePoint
  • Easy IT integration
  • Print from anywhere

Some of the MFPs concerned are already available, including the ConnectKey for SharePoint and ConnectKey Share. The Xerox Apps Studio will be available early in the third quarter.

Novell File Reporter 2.0 Release

Also this week, Novell has announced the availability of its identity-based storage reporting solution, Novell File Reporter 2.0, which provides enterprises that face data loss prevention and data governance issues access to a set of tools that will secure network stored assets.

Leaving aside our ongoing mantra that governance is a planning issue and that good governance will go a long way to prevent data loss, this is designed for companies that are feeling vulnerable, and from what we have seen over the past year it seems that many enterprises fall into this category.

Novell File Reporter 2.0 , which has been added to the Novell File Management Suite, accesses both eDirectory and Active Directory to simultaneously report on Novell and Microsoft network folder and file data and corresponding file rights.

Novell says that the most notable element of this new release is the permission reports that can track and trace everyone that have accessed a folder that is stored in the network, as well as information like time of access and where that folder is located

It also comes with a new architecture that supports simultaneous integration with eDirectory and Active Directory as well as trending reports that show the growth of data on a Novell volume or Windows share over a period of time. Novell File Reporter 2.0 is currently available with pricing at US$ 15 per user.

German Post’s Mobile App

For the iPad this week, interesting if only in light of the company that developed it, there is DocWallet, an app that offers mobile device users added security when sending documents from one place to another.

Developed by Deutsche Post -- yes, the German postal service -- it has already been downloaded 30,000 times in five weeks and, according to DP, is experiencing considerable demand especially in the US.

So what is it? DocWallet is a user-specific electronic document map for iPad and Windows PCs. Document confidentiality is ensured via end-to-end document encryption (AES/RSA) using dedicated DocWallet servers in Germany. Data is also encrypted when synchronizing with your PC. These files can be viewed on authorized devices only.

There are, of course, many other apps on the market at the moment that offer enhanced security, but this has to be the only app offered by a national postal service. Could we see other postal services moving into similar markets as snail mail becomes redundant? Only time will tell, but this has to be a first.