Dropbox Updates Desktop Version with Added Menu Features

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Content storage and sharing provider, Dropbox has announced updates to the menu feature of its desktop client designed to improve the service’s functionality.

A Better Dropbox Experience

Previously, users could only do basic tasks from their desktop, such as pause a file sync, but with this update, which was announced in a blog post from Max Belanger, a Software Engineer at Dropbox, users can do more without having to to visit the web version of Dropbox. Belanger says that the new menu features come from the idea that users are looking for a one-stop solution to their file storage and sharing needs.

With all the stuff you've got going on, we figured it’d be handy for you to keep track of all your exploits in one place; the Dropbox menu,” he says.

In addition to a redesigned drop down menu and and a 'recent changes' section where file changes can be tracked, users will receive real-time notifications of invitations, additions to shared folders and added links.


After receiving these notifications, users can choose what they want to do with them. For invitations, they can accept or decline right from the client, while also being able to share files by merely clicking on the share button.

Notifications for changes made to shared folders will also appear on the latest versions of the Dropbox iOS and Android apps.

Learning Opportunities

Digital Storage is Everywhere

Cloud-based storage solutions are everywhere from Box to Microsoft’s SkyDrive and the recently released Copy. Although there are a variety of options available to individual users and businesses, these services are all similar in design and need features that can set them apart from the group.

For Dropbox, it appears that its strategy is to make the file storage and sharing experience as user friendly as possible.

While there have been problems, according to Ellis Hamburger of The Verge, with the amount of free storage and its pricing plans, overall Dropbox is a worthwhile choice for those looking for a document storage tool.

Dropbox is the go-to solution for syncing files across multiple devices for a reason,” says Hamburger. “It's a no-brainer to use, allows groups to share files with a couple clicks, and offers few settings for you to mess up.”

In addition to the menu feature and general updates to its mobile applications, thecompany has also been expanding its photo sharing capabilities with the acquisition of SnapJoy, a photo viewing application and updated Dropbox for Teams with new administrative controls.

The menu feature is now available for users whodownload version 2.0.0 of Dropbox.