While it may be arguable that CRM systems were never meant for document management, it cannot be argued that a good deal of customer interaction is document-based. And this probably the reason that Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Motive’s document management system have been integrated.

Announced today, the new integration provides Dynamics CRM with the full document management capabilities of M-Files. Unlike many of the document management systems associated with CRMs, this is not just an afterthought providing clumsy functionality.

By combining the two, any document associated with any customer in either system can be found, accessed and viewed in the other system giving users access to full customer information on one hand, and any document related to that customer on the other.

Motive’s M-Files

Why a customer relationship management system like Dynamics CRM might need to integrate with a document management system like M-Files when it can already be linked to SharePoint, for example, is a good question.

And while SharePoint is what it is, not all companies can afford it financially, or the complexity it can bring. This is where M-Files fits in.

Since the Finland-based company moved into the US market in early 2009 it has been selling its document management software hard and in particular across the medium and small business segment, who are finding it attractive if only for the price (although there are many other things to recommend it including its simplicity).

M Files Document Control.jpg

M-Files document control

M-Files And Dynamics CRM

In any case, it can now be integrated with Dynamics CRM and unlike many CRM document management add-ons comes with features like full text search, version tracking, automated workflow and document check-in check-out as well as many other features that will only be found in more full-bodied document management systems.

M Files Explorer_Notes.jpg

Exploring M-Files

In the case of CRM, interactions with customers or prospects are often cantered on a document . . . and since CRM systems are not designed to handle documents, this critical aspect of the process becomes cumbersome and inefficient, making using the CRM system far less productive than it could be,” said Greg Milliken, general manager of Motive Systems.

M-Files in Dynamic CRM manages and organizes document files in Dynamics CRM by making it easy to tag any document and associate it with any object in Dynamics. Features include:

  • Account data from Dynamics replicated in M-Files
  • Access any data in one system from the other
  • Searches based on tags or text
  • Full file-type and Windows applications support
  • Full version histories kept for objects and files in both systems
  • Automation of common business processes

Last September when Motive released M-Files v6.0 it introduced a whole pile of new features, not least of which was SharePoint and eCopy ShareScan integration.

This integration follows suit by offering affordable full document management to another widely used application that will add muscle to Dynamics CRM and at the same time extend the reach of Motive Systems M-Files.