eMason today introduced its IWorkS (Image Workflow System), the first application that incorporates business intelligence with document management, allowing integration with a company's business process automation infrastructure. "The IWorkS system enables companies to automate and direct the flow of their documents, in synchronization with their established business rules and processes," said Jane Mason, president, eMason. Electronic documents are created in-house, or captured using scanners or other multi-function devices. The IWorkS system's indexing capabilities organize them through association with document types and numbers. It also associates tasks and deadlines with each document. The system then acts on those document types, triggering their flow into the company's business processes. From the desktop, the user can set up and revise document flow by specifying document types, rules, and identification criteria that best fit their organization. Some of the system's benefits include: -- Initiating workflow from incoming and outgoing documents by setting customized parameters for routing of electronic documents -- Establishing automated tasks and deadlines related to electronic documents -- Organizing, tracking, searching, retrieving, and archiving electronic documents -- Automatically routing documents to intranet, extranet, and back-office systems "IWorkS image workflow is a step beyond the traditional document management system. It creates a paperless environment - eliminating storage issues and missing paperwork -- while adding control to document workflow," Mason said. "The software reduces risks by ensuring the accurate flow of mission critical documents and improves productivity by eliminating human error." The system works on a stand-alone basis or can be integrated with eMason's Clarity Business Process Management software and PURE law firm manager application. It also is applied over the Internet utilizing eMason's portal product, Ally. About eMason Based in Clearwater, Florida, eMason offers flexible, business process management applications that allow services companies to monitor and change their processes and workflows for maximum performance and channel optimization. The company's products and services create business architectures and information hubs for the enterprise, enabling real-time performance management and the formation of knowledge capital. For more information, visit www.emason.biz.