EMC SourceOne Addresses Unstructured Content With New Products

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Since EMC launched its SourceOne family, a suite of archiving, e-Discovery and compliance solutions, in April 2009, the family has been constantly growing. First they focused on email management. Now, they’re introducing two new members, SourceOne File Intelligence and File Systems.Both products are focused on addressing unstructured content.

According to Gabriella Garner, director of product marketing for EMC SourceOne, 85 percent of a company’s data is unstructured and unmanaged. Although organizations may be eager to get their data under control, in an effort to cut costs and increase compliance, many don’t even know where to start.

Delivering Information Governance for Unstructured Content

With SourceOne File Intelligence, companies can take a “tangible” first step to approaching information governance. By identifying what is being stored where, companies will be in a better position to understand and classify their data.

When companies take action, they are empowered to create repeatable “housecleaning policies” which not only come in handy for legal purposes, but institute guidelines and procedures for managing data that can help keep you out of court in the first place.

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Expanding the SourceOne Archiving Platform

SourceOne File Systems provides companies with the means to enforce retention policies, consolidate inactive files, reduce storage requirements and improve backup. By delivering high volume archiving for file servers, companies can clean up their act and their data.

Learning Opportunities

If 85 percent of a company’s data is not known, it’s possible that much of it needn’t be kept in the first place. Expired data can be as much of a security risk as other relevant data.

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Add “Intelligence” to Your Information Governance Strategy

Taking control of content takes more than a good organization system. It requires some background information, or intelligence. SourceOne’s newest family members provide insight to the governance and archiving process by not only helping to identify the data, but by making sure there’s enough room.

SourceOne File Intelligence and File Systems are available through a controlled release this June with a full release slated for the third quarter.