GroupLogic ActivEcho Securely Shares Enterprise Files

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GroupLogic adds a file sharing solution, activEcho, to its collection of enterprise software solutions.

GroupLogic says activEcho was built with file sharing and syncing security in mind. Enterprises can choose to run activEcho on-premise or in private clouds or Amazon. According to the company, "Most of our beta customers chose to run it on-premise and we believe that will continue to happen in security and compliance sensitive corporations as well as regulated industries."

Security Focus

Security is a huge concern with any file sharing service. GroupLogic says activEcho provides many security features, such as Active Directory integration, data encryption, user whitelists and blacklists options, remote wipe capabilities for mobile devices, and full logging, tracking and history of operations.

Free 21-day trials are available from the GroupLogic website, including a video that shows activEcho in action.

File Sharing Service Surplus

ActivEcho is just the newest addition to a growing list of file sharing services, each of which promises security. Accellion, for example, recently announced KiteDrive, a mobile file sharing technology with a focus on security and cloud-based mobile computing. OpenText released the Tempo document sharing solution and then released Tempo Express Edition earlier this month.

Learning Opportunities

OwnCloud stands out as an open source file sharing project, headed by former SUSE and Novell executive, Markus Rex.

File sharing and storage veteran YouSendIt recently rolled out the Workstream SharePoint plug-in, which allows users to share files with external partners. Last year, the company showed that it's still on top of the file sharing game when it announced apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

And then there's Dropbox, which continues to grow in popularity and lead the web-based file sharing pack of products.

As the newbie in a field of established file sharing services, activEcho has a lot of ground to cover before it stands out as being any more secure, manageable or user-friendly than its competition.