Stratify, a California-based division of Iron Mountain (news, site) has acquired Legal Imaging Technologies to beef up its eDiscovery capabilities.

eDiscovery is a Booming Market

eDiscovery is a big topic among the likes of Gartner and Forrester, and one that all companies, big and small, should have a handle on. Single-point solutions are pretty rare, but are getting closer as the industry shakes down to a few larger players.

The latest move to make industry news is Stratify's acquisition of Legal Imaging Technologies (LIT) for an undisclosed amount. LIT is an expert in image processing and document conversion. The two companies have a partnership dating back to 2006, so this isn't news out of the blue. LIT is a major force in the San Francisco area where it has been involved in legal document support since 1993. 

Document Protection

The integration of LIT’s processes into Stratify’s eDiscovery capabilities will increase them by at least 200% in its data center operations supporting the North America, EMEA and Asia/Pacific markets.

Over the last couple of years, Iron Mountain has expanded and developed its solutions to rank as one of the major players in this increasingly important market. It also works on disaster recovery, archiving and document management, both in the cloud and on-premises.

Iron Mountain itself picked up Stratify for US$ 158m back in 2007 and shows little sign of slowing down as its business expands.