Iron Mountain Grabs French Vendor Anamnis GDM SAS Iron Mountain Europe, a records management and storage services provider, announced the acquisition of Anamnis GDM SAS, a firm specializing in electronic document management solutions.

The Skinny on Anamnis GDM SAS

Anamnis GDM SAS is the sister company of Anamnis, the French records management and data protection services firm, that was acquired in June 2007 by Iron Mountain Inc., the mothership of Iron Mountain Europe. Anamnis GDM SAS operates in Rennes, Caen, Paris, Lyon, St. Denis and Les Lucs, where it offers electronic document and workflow management system services based on scanning, indexing and online document management solutions. The acquisition by Iron Mountain is not supposed to bring any changes to the organization’s functions or the headcount. The deal is expected to bolster Iron Mountain‘s European document management solutions offering, specifically in La France.

About Iron Mountain

Currently, Iron Mountain Europe services 56 markets within 20 countries across Europe. For Anamnis GDM SAS, the acquisition provides the opportunity to leverage the international experience and global leadership of Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain (additional coverage) has been reaching out a lot lately. It wasn’t long ago, when the company partnered with Stratify to leverage its advanced e-discovery capabilities. With this new partnership, users that rely on Iron Mountain’s eRecords Management solutions to assist with the managing and storage of their data will now have the option to transfer the data to Stratify’s secure data processing facilities. Following which, Iron Mountain Inc. bought Accutrac Software, whose client-based product, Accutrac XE, performs lifecycle management of records. Iron Mountain currently employs more than 20,000 employees around the world. In 2007, it boasted sales revenue of US$ 2.7 billion.