Hyland Acquires eWebHealth, Adds Hosted Workflow Solution
With the acquisition of eWebHealth, Hyland Software (news, site) has not only tightened its grip on the healthcare market, but also adds new solutions provided by eWeb, in particular medical records and revenue cycle workflow solutions.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but over the past few months Hyland has been extending its reach in this vertical sector with a number of other acquisitions that have added new capabilities to its already substantial SaaS solutions.

A further advantage of recent moves, Hyland says, has been the addition of people with specific healthcare software expertise, raising the possibility that there will be further changes in this area in the coming months.

Following the acquisition A.J. Hyland, president and CEO of Hyland Software said it would also add a new customer base to Hyland’s already considerable portfolio and most importantly, a new customer base that has already taken to SaaS to fulfill their principal IT requirements.

Automated, Enhanced Workflow

Currently, eWebHealth delivers SaaS solutions to approximately 100 small and mid-sized hospitals across the US for clinical, administrative and financial tasks, along with solutions designed to deal with compliance issues.

As a web-based suite of applications with a robust data repository, it provides automated workflow of medical records at the most important points in their life cycle -- the ones that effect payment, patient care and compliance.

The principal advantage of using their software eWeb says, is that it streamlines workflows making it easier for non-technical users to access the documents or records they need, when they need them.


A traditional healthcare workflow chart

Other advantages include:

  • Meeting or exceeding HIPAA guidelines
  • High availability, reliability and security
  • Safeguards for governing the privacy and security of protected health information
  • Secure records ensuring access only by those who need them
  • Eliminates problems of lost or missing paper charts

It also allows hospitals to better control the speed and extent to which they are reimbursed without threatening critical compliance activities.

Hyland_workflow reviewed_2010.jpg

Healthcare worflow as designed by Hyland's new acquisition eWebHealth

Hyland And Healthcare

However, Hyland is not insisting that its clients go the SaaS route even if it works out cheaper, and offers on-premise and hybrid options as well as the ability to chop and change as circumstances dictate.

Over the past months its activity in this sector has been substantial including:

  • Acquisition of Valdo Data Systems, a provider of document management, imaging, workflow and health information management (HIM) integration solutions.
  • Recommendation by the American Hospital Association of its flagship product OnBase as the content management suite for all healthcare functions.
  • Certification of OnBase for use the Federal Recovery Audit Contractor, which identifies and recovers improper Medicare payments paid to healthcare providers.
  • Release of new products that will enhances MEDITECH software.

Hyland’s OnBase

Hyland's OnBase enterprise content management suite provides integrated document management, business process management and records management in a single application and can be deployed on-premise or as a hosted solution.

OnBase Integrated Document Management and Workflow solutions enable users manage and optimize complex business processes, but also enables them to pick and choose which particular items they want to include in their package.

In doing this, they align critical content with core processes and business applications, as well as track, expedite and interlink information streams throughout the enterprise. OnBase supports advanced features such as alternate routing logic, automatic criteria calculation, simultaneous notification and load balancing, while its API functionality enables integration with core legacy systems.

Hyland hasn’t said much about future plans, but they are citing acquisitions as being a core element of their current good fortunes.

In such a scenario, it seems likely that they have other companies in their sights. At the rate they’ve been working recently we’re likely to see the results sooner rather than later.