Hyland OnBase12: Personalized Content Capabilities, Enhanced Case Management

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In all the talk of social media and collaboration, it is often forgotten that the basic goal of all these systems is better information for the people that need it. Enterprise content management vendor Hyland hasn’t forgotten that basic fact though and in the new OnBase 12 release says it has mastered personalized content provision.

It has been nearly a year since the release of OnBase 11 and another year again since OnBase 10 with its case management functionality. In this release, Hyland says it incorporates 3100 improvements of which more than half were suggested by customers. The company is marketing it as an Enterprise CMS where information finds the user, rather than one where the user has to go looking.

If that is the case -- and in the past we’ve seen that Hyland has always been able to back up its claims -- this release is really remarkable. The information in question, according to Bill Filion, VP of software development, is not just documents and business files, but all content that enters the enterprise, be it social content, videos or processes.

With all the improvements it is impossible to examine them all, but they do fall into three principal categories.

1. Personalized Experience

Hyland has built a personalized experience by enabling users to build their own customized personal pages through which OnBase 12 delivers instant access to all the different tasks, documents and processes needed for that individual to achieve their work goals.

The information is accessed through a desktop widget within a personal page giving the user access to content in real-time related to the business application they happen to be working in at the time.

It also enables users to create a dashboard view of all the documents they need as well as the processes, tasks and activities that they use most often.

Needless to say with mobile access one of the primary concerns of enterprises now, this also means access to that content through mobile devices. With OnBase 12, Hyland enhances the OnBase mobile experience by also delivering documents to the phone or tablet, allowing for better, more informed decisions from wherever you are.

As an example of how this works, Hyland cites the case of Microsoft Outlook -- users frequently need access to other information to help them make or understand a decision.

Instead of launching OnBase to find supporting content, OnBase 12 presents this through the desktop widget, on the screen and in real-time, without a single click required.

Learning Opportunities

As the user continues through the day, navigating through various screens and applications, OnBase continuously refreshes with relevant information important to the user.

2. OnBase Case Manager

Part of the personalized experience and another new addition in v12 is the OnBase Case Manager. Case management is nothing new in the Hyland portfolio, having introduced it in v10, but in this release it goes a step further and offers users a 360 degree view of all the case-based processes.

This means that users will be able to see all the content related to a process, including not only all documents, but also all conversations, tasks, and activities that surround them.

In addition to this, it has also developed a visual tool to design processes and workflows according to the user's needs. This means that while users are mapping out their business processes visually, OnBase12 is building the workflow logic for them. It then assembles all the content they need to build that process.

3. OnBase 12 Infrastructure

As it has in previous releases, Hyland has also looked to the future development of OnBase versions, and in this version, as in previous versions, it has strengthened the core platform.

With OnBase12, there is platform support for Microsoft SQL 12 and a number of new server components to bolster the architectural platform.

These are just some of the categories of enhancements that have been added in this version, but there are a lot more individual ones we haven't mentioned. If you want to know more, you can check on the OnBase12 page that has a number of information videos and a lot more info on features.

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