Hyland Software (news, site), which recently made it into the leader’s quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant ECM report, has just announced the release of v10.0 of OnBase. This time around, Hyland has focused firmly on developing case management capabilities through the introduction of a new client.

Hyland and Case Management

The focus on case management for Hyland is probably a logical one, given that over the course of its history it has tended to provide industry–specific software to deal with problems faced by enterprises working in a specific vertical.

In this respect, healthcare has been one of its particular strong points -- underlined by its acquisition of the CSC Group in September and eWebHealth in March.

The issue of treating the data linked to one particular event or person is the domain of case management. Over the year, we have seen many companies coming up with software, regardless of the vertical that the software will be deployed in. Case Management gathers together all the content, processes and data used to resolve a single case, no matter where that content is located in the enterprise system, or who is dealing with it.

OnBase v10 Client

To manage that and pull the disparate elements together, Hyland's new client brings together core ECM functions like document imaging, with elements of business process management, collaboration and records management to provide context to the way content is used.

The new client is built on Windows Presentation Foundation and gives users a familiar environment to work in, ensuring minimized training and rapid adoption by people who actually use it.

Its architecture enables enterprises that are working in hybrid software environments consisting of SaaS, on-premise or even offline environments, to maintain those deployments while working with OnBase 10.

Learning Opportunities

The backend has been revamped to enable developers to build and deploy new solutions that deal with problems as they arise and slot those solutions into the backend easily.

Other Additions

The client is not the only part of OnBase that has been given attention. New products that will better enable case management include:

  • Intelligent automated indexing: Allows documents to be indexed automatically, which can then also start processes automatically
  • Process modeller: For the creation and editing of processes and support for existing processes
  • SharePoint provisioning: If SharePoint site is built as part of a process it is automatically added to an OnBase workflow. 
  • Outlook Integration: Outlook 2010 integration means those working in Outlook can access any of the OnBase tools through Outlook.

Hyland in Leaders Quadrant

This year was the first year that Hyland made it into Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. According to Gartner, its double digit growth and the success it has had with both its SaaS and on-premise software were key factors as to why Hyland was included in its Quadrant. Gartner also cautioned however, that there is a need to build an ecosystem across verticals if it is to compete effectively with SharePoint.

With the focus of OnBase on case management irrespective of the vertical in which it is deployed, it looks like Hyland with v10 had already identified this as an issue and has already moved to resolve it.