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On your smartphone, you open an electronic expense report that is already pre-populated with your basic information. Then you photograph your receipts, which are automatically attached. That vision of reimbursement nirvana is one of the ways that iDatix foresees how its new mobile app will be used.

The new app is part of its updated iSynergy 4.5, which expands on the Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management and Dynamic Case Management software in the company’s flagship product.

Updated iForms

The app allows a user to remotely capture information, and then to directly submit it into the document management repository and iDatix’s workflow automation system, called Progression. The company described this path as the “most comprehensive” end-to-end mobile enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

In the age of mobility and following several decades of document scanning and electronic management, iDatix said that a key challenge is to capture information near its origination, route it, monitor it and then make it available to other employees.

iDatix Vice President of Operations Chris Lewis said in a statement that the new iSynergy release “builds on our industry leading workflow solution with enhanced form design, electronic signatures, and enhanced web connectivity.”

Version 4.5 utilizes the updated iDatix intelligent iForms technology. With iForms, a user can create customized forms within a browser, using drag-and-drop tools. The electronic forms can be pre-populated with information from systems by SAP, Oracle or others.

Introducing mCapture

The updated iSynergy also introduces the mCapture function for direct, instant data capture, and updates the Xtractor, Progression and iForms functions with new features. These include the ability to integrate with existing business flow solutions via SOAP-based Web services, and tools for more seamless integrations. iDatix noted that it has integrated its products with apps from Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, Lawson and other companies.

Other use cases for iSynergy 4.5 envisioned by iDatix include an appraiser assessing a property in the field -- taking notes, shooting photos and entering measurements into an iForm on a mobile device. With a click, the appraisal is completed, certified, time-stamped and made available to other employees.

The Clearwater, Florida-based iDatix, founded in 2000, offers iSynergy solutions that combine workflow automation, enterprise content management and document management. Customers include Capital One, KitchenCraft, and Tropicana.