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Turn Sharepoint into a data dashboard without writing code. That’s the goal of the new NetAdvantage for SharePoint 2012 Volume 1, announced by design and user experience software company Infragistics.

The app provides Web parts -- data visualizations -- that can be connected to SharePoint or external data to create visually-discernible, actionable intelligence. Web parts include a range of charts, such as line, column, area, waterfall and spline, that can be used for such purposes as tracking organizational progress toward a goal. More than one dataset can be overlaid on the same chart.

Gauges, Content Rotator

Other visualization tools include radial and linear gauges, a Content Rotator, version timelines, maps and grids. New features in this release include grids and enhanced map capabilities.

Gauges, which are pre-designed for rapid implementation, can be modified so that a user can more quickly tell when the data has reached a critical point. A variety of scales, needles and ranges can be used in one gauge, and external data can be obtained from Excel files or lists exposed via Microsoft Business Connectivity Services. Infragistics said that these tools allow, for example, engineers to develop radial or linear gauges with multi-value displays.

Gauges can add such math functions as SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVG or MEDIAN. To facilitate performance, calculations are conducted on the server side.

A Content Rotator can create animations, titles and descriptions, and include titles, links or images from an external library. Playback controls include play, pause and stop.

Version Timelines, Grids

Version Timelines give graphical views of a document’s versioning history, as well as a view of contributions by each individual. Interactive, multi-layered maps can use Microsoft’s Bing, Open Street Map and CloudMade for data. Maps can be generated with drilldowns to more detail, such as showing sales results for a region, with the ability to then view sales office by office.

Grids present data obtained from a SharePoint list or content exposed by Microsoft Business Connectivity Services. Columns can be added or removed, sorting and filtering can be applied, tooltips can be added and a refresh period can be set to update data on a given schedule.

Based in Cranbury, N.J., Infragistics provides user interface tools and services for creating user experiences and data visualization for business applications. Among the hundreds of thousands of apps built with its tools are Federal Express’ internal shipping control application and Exelon’s application for electrical power trading.