Despite claims by Autonomy (news, site) and Irish-based Kainos that they are launching the next-generation electronic document management software for hospitals, there is little in the release of Evolve that is new -- except for the fact that it is a records management solution specifically targeted at patients.

That said, Evolve is to all intents and purposes Autonomy’s records management software for a specific vertical – notably patient care -- and as such is worth a look as one of the industry leaders in records management.

Evolve, as might be expected, ensures easy access to patient records at any point of care in a patient’s history and should dramatically speed up the process of getting patients into hospitals, treated and out of hospitals again.

Kainos’ involvement is as an IT consultancy that specializes in the scoping, planning and implementing of large-scale EDRMS solutions in the public sector and has already been implemented in at least one National Health Service(NHS) hospital.

Autonomy And Records Management

Autonomy’s records management is massively scalable, built around its Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) that indexes an enterprise's data as well as intelligent understanding of that data. Some of the features include:

  • Centralized storage and view of patients records
  • Intelligent retrieval of conceptually associated documents
  • User-role based security with simultaneous multiple log-ins
  • Complete records trail audit with automatic retention or disposal
  • Integration with legacy systems

Autonomy's Records Management solution is based on their acquisition of Merido back in 2007. Other notable features include integration with their eDiscovery and enterprise archiving solutions, along a strong base of legal solutions that came with the Interwoven acquisition last year.