KnowledgeLake (news, site) makes it easier for SharePoint-equipped enterprises to partner and tie in its document capture tools via a new wave of integrators.

Take Your Partner

Enterprises love ecosystems and partnerships, because it makes life simpler. Vendors have long enjoyed building these relationships, but from time to time, need to spruce them up. KnowledgeLake has taken its partnership offerings based around its own document management tools with Microsoft and SharePoint, and stripped it down and simplified it.

Already a strong Microsoft partner, KnowledgeLake now makes itself more appealing for Microsoft integrators and vendors to offer its wares. The new partner program requires no upfront training or costs. So, vendors can offer KnowledgeLake's ECM system to help SharePoint user better capture, archive and store information.

Teamwork Wins

Many SharePoint-using enterprises should have come across KnowledgeLake in their research, but for those who haven't, the opportunity for more, wider partnerships will improve its product's visibility and accessibility to a wider audience.

All the systems integrator or vendor has to do is find customers in need of ECM software, recommend KnowledgeLake and work with both parties to secure the contract, picking up a reward fee in the process. As the relationship grows, training is available to help the integrators understand KnowledgeLake's products better and improve the chances of sales.

As an increasing number of enterprise-level products become viewed as commoditized software, the methods used to sell them will change too. This is perhaps an early sign of the vendor community creating clearer, simpler methods of generating sales and becoming more grounded in the process.