KnowledgeLake Capture for SharePoint Debuts Native iOS App

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Apple's App Store is ready to dispense some new document management fun with the KnowlegeLake Capture for SharePoint ECM app. iOS users can share documents and images right into their workflows with the free app, and SharePoint devotees are now that much closer to a deskfree workspace.

Rapid Content Delivery

Mobile uploading of documents and images is painful, right? Now add the SharePoint layer with its many content types, columns and fields, and the process bogs down. Not so, KnowledgeLake would have us believe. When the app is first used, a content type needs to be selected, but besides configuring the SharePoint connection, it's supposed to be a smooth, integrated way to share images and documents.

Because it's a native app, any other iPhone apps that can create documents can share them with KnowledgeLake Capture as well. Open an email attachment, for example, with KnowledgeLake Capture, and it goes right to setting properties for integrating with SharePoint.

Images taken with the iPhone camera can also be uploaded, and once they are tagged with searchable metadata, included in the SharePoint environment. A basic use case for that application is shooting receipts for expense reporting. File all the receipts into SharePoint, and skip the expense report altogether. Combine the iPhone, iPod or iPad with a mobile printer, and uploading purchase orders or even drug prescriptions goes totally mobile.

Learning Opportunities


KnowledgLake Capture for the iPhone gains metadata tagging from a CRM system when paired with KnowledgeLake Imaging.

Combine with KnowledgeLake Imaging for Auto-tagging Content with CRM Data

For pro users, KnowledgeLake Capture can be combined with the KnowledgeLake Imaging tool for configuring content with tags from a CRM or HR system, for example. This requires a separate license for the KnowledeLake Imaging, however, so it might be out of reach for some companies. Nevertheless, putting the two systems together does allow for a wider range of uses.

KnowledgeLake is a popular SharePoint connector, so its iOS Capture app will likely be a hit as well. When SharePoint 2013 arrives, KnowledgeLake will no doubt update the iOS app because Capture is such a key feature. The same goes for the full version, obviously, but until we hear about an actual SP2013 launch date, let us know in the comments if your mobile teams are using SharePoint apps and what they are doing with them.

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