KnowledgeTree (news, site) partners with CAPSYS to bring online document capture for businesses working in the cloud.

Assimilate Documents Direct to the Cloud

Traditionally, document capture has largely been handled by a desktop or server-based application, something that seems archaic if the rest of a company's services are moving to the cloud. Knowledge Tree is doing away with this need by joining up with capture specialist CAPSYS to offer a complete SaaS-based document management service.

Now, customers can capture and upload documents directly to the cloud via a web browser and get a range of other benefits too. CAPSYS's Capture product integrates with KnowledgeTree's open source document management software. CAPSYS is compatible with any TWAIN device and can capture digital data too.

CAPSYS uses a visual capture process designer to simplify the task of extracting the right data from a paper document, email or other digital source.

KnowledgeTree's Full Service SaaS Offering

KnowledgeeTree's cloud service (which added a CMIS interface late last year) offers document and process management, collaboration tools and support for Windows and Linux users as well as Microsoft Office.

With stored documents accessible anywhere in the world, they can be used for collaboration efforts, to reduce use of paper and save on printing costs. Security and authentication can be added via electronic signatures.

The release module is available for US$ 1,595, KnowledgeTree pricing itself starts at US$ 2,400 for the Basic Edition and up to 20 users with scaling prices for more users and better-featured editions.

An unsupported community edition is available for free, or there is a trial of the full version. New customers can sign up with KnowledgeTree or use one of its many partners.