Enterprise Content Management company KnowledgeTree (news, site) has revamped its partner program with a new focus.

The New Program

According to KnowledgeTree, the redesigned partner program is focused on assisting partners with product sales. The program also introduces a new resource: PartnerBase. PartnerBase is an instance of SaaS offering KnowledgeTree Live that contains materials just for partners. Partners at all levels will have access to PartnerBase.

Other additions to the partner program include:

  • Access to training, joint marketing initiatives and sales team support for partners with the highest sales volume
  • Two new partner relationship managers appointed from within the KnowledgeTree Team: Bryan Tyler for the Americas and Amin Hendricks for EMEA and APAC

Program Impact

Business partnerships aren't typically made for the fun of it. In the software world, partnerships are often about sales and value-added services. Joint marketing through relationships with dedicated staff can create opportunities that neither company could afford on their own.

Having a solid partner network gives a company an air of maturity as well, sending the message that they're well anchored in their niche and have revenue opportunities broad enough to support a partner network in addition to themselves.

Tim Spink, Vice President of Sales for KnowledgeTree, says that the added value their partners offer might revolve around professional services, "such as implementation, migration from shared drives or paper files, and custom development." Many partners have also developed KnowledgeTree plugins such as integrations with popular business platform SugarCRM (news, site), and document management tools such as Kofax (news, site) Capture, CAPSYS Capture and Colosa ProcessMaker.