One of the benefits of a globalized world is an increased ability to draw from the expertise of strangers from far-flung corners of the universe. This also results in a more fertile environment for open source development. As a result, everybody's got a community these days. Last week document management firm Laserfiche launched the Professional Developer Partnership (PDP) program last week. The PDP effort aims to bring third party integrators and software vendors into a collaborative setting for creating their own tailored applications. (With Laserfiche's handy-dandy tools, of course.) Laserfiche developed the program after "growing demand among Laserfiche’s 23,000 plus user base for more packaged, controlled-cost integrations," said Tom Wayman, director of product strategy. To sate said demand, the PDP program operates upon three basic principles: * Efficient use of market forces to ensure affordable, reliable integrations are available to Laserfiche clients * Enhancement of the existing toolkit and supporting documentation to ensure speedy integrations * Empowering integrators to easily bring creations to market Laserfiche previously used its authorized Value Added Reseller channel to provide clients with image-enabled applications. Later, the Laserfiche Marketplace -- where the PDP crowd comes to play -- was launched so users and community members could showcase their own solutions. A dedicated directory lists both free and paid applications, and also serves as a detailed resource for available integrations. If you can't find an integration you want, the site includes a bounty system by which integrations can be requested and consequently developed by a community member. Over time, Laserfiche plans to empower Marketplace users to post comments and rate offerings. Hmm. Last we heard, MovableType had its own snazzy community pack just for that. Long Beach, CA-based Laserfiche was founded in 1987. They generally develop scalable electronic digital document management solutions for organizations the world over. With over 23,000 business and government clients around the globe, Laserfiche is characterized by its ease-of-use and broad applicability. Check out the Professional Developer Partnership Program at