Perhaps because everybody's jumping into the Web 2.0 CMS game, longtime arena contender Six Apart separates itself from (or some say joins) the throng with the Movable Type Community Pack (CP). The Pack takes mere blogs and turns them into community participation supernovas. With the goal of better equipping users to create, manage and share content, the Movable Type Community Pack contains the following features: * Recommend This (voting) * Sort-by-recommend * Community User Profiles * Simpler Comment Authentication * Community Generated Content Additionally, a "Post" plugin enables users to create posts sparked by ones they've read. The name of the game is to increase personalization while broadening opportunities for community members to interact with one another. O'Reilly might call it an architecture of participation. By clicking on the "Recommend this" link, for example, users can vote on posts and comments they take a liking to. A sorting function also enables readers to sift directly to top content and happenings, based on aggregated community feedback. With user profiles, fellow participants can keep track of and potentially interact with their favorite writers. Tracked user activity includes a user's profile information, recent comments submitted by that user, comments submitted in response to that user and posts or comments that the user recommends. Ironically, a revised community offering can hardly be complete without improved efforts at protecting individual privacy. Thus, this too was souped up for the Community Pack. Users can exclusivize comment and talk privileges, reducing comment spam and abuse. Comments are also listed on a user's profile page, which lends an at-a-glance snapshot of that person's community cred. The Community Pack is immediately available for Movable Type Enterprise users. Custom integration services can be included to best assist in tailoring your website to the unique whims of your community. For those without the Enterprise Edition of MT, never fear. The Six Apart sales team will work with you to sort out reasonable pricing for the broad church of MT Personal and MT Commercial scribblers. [Editor's Note // 28-Aug-2007: The Community Pack has recently been rebranded the MT Community Solution (MTCS) and is available here.]