Anyone that has been following developments at Doculex (news, site) over the last year will not be surprised by its recent addition of customized workflow capabilities to its flagship content and document management software, Archive Studio.

Specifically, they will not be surprised by the addition of these capabilities to WebSearch, the company’s document management and email archiving component of Archive Studio.

Since the beginning of the year Doculex has been beefing-up WebSearch, particularly on the email capture and retention front. And with the release earlier this month of a connector between WebSearch and other enterprise business applications, the introduction of customized workflows is a logical step, even if only for managing new data that WebSearch will have to manage as a result.

The new workflow functionality adds what the company describes as an intelligent decision engine that will organize all the new information coming into the system and direct that information to document users and outlining necessary tasks.

WebSearch Upgrades

So what has been going on with Web Search? First of all WebSearch is a suite of products that covers just about everything a company might need for managing document life cycles, including security, retrieval, collaboration and storage of electronic files either on-site or as a SaaS solution.

While there is workflow process management included, Doculex appears to have identified a need to upgrade it and has done so by offering users the possibility of customizing workflow processes.

WebSearch has two different, but complementary, elements: document management and email management.

Document Management

Amongst the many features of WebSearch are:

  • Ability to integrate with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Securely share content without user logins
  • Auto notification available for assignment to files and folders
  • Automated classifying of records to a particular series
  • File indexing of documents added via MFP, FAX or electronically generated files

Email Management

The email element consists of a number of features which Doculex has been adding to over the past year.

These include:

  • Added security features introduced last May  also came with the ability to capture all circulating emails, organize them and their attachments, and archive them, and effectively managing the entire life cycle.
  • dtSearch options introduced in April which integrated more than two dozen search options by search specialist dtSearch, including Unicode support for hundreds of international languages and the ability to store over a terabyte of data in a single index.

Customized Work Processes

The new customized work process will manage all these additional information sources adding new traceability and collaboration functions.

Using a new dashboard, WebSearch can now enable users share and edit documents in native formats, as well as group documents according to criteria established by users enabling multi-user edits and a discussion feature for tighter collaboration.

Users will also be given file room and file views through a browser, while those with appropriate permissions will be able to add files at will, which will be indexed automatically. It will also be possible to include additional document metadata remotely if necessary.

There is nothing here that on its own stands out as exceptional and many of the individual functions are present in many other document management software packages.

However combined, WebSearch offers users a scalable, secure document and email management system that you just know is going to continue to develop.