If for no other reason other than the fact that the recently upgraded community edition of Logical Objects document management system is open source, and that even the premium enterprise commercial edition is cheaper than most, the recent upgrade to v5.2 of LogicalDOC is worth a look.

Logical Objects developed a document management system at the request of its partner network and existing clients and included capabilities like document import from remote folders, WebDAV, a search engine that the company says is one of its strongest points and versioning.

LogicalDOC v5.2

Now in version 5.2 and with a load of new features -- many of which are available in the open source community edition -- there are three main areas of improvement:

Bookmarks on Documents

This feature was introduced to deal with the growing need of enterprises to extend their document repositories as their document management capabilities expand. By bookmarking documents, users can find documents immediately without have to search through all the folders in the repository.

Advanced Search

A new search facility that enables users to retain search queries so that the results of a particular search can be replicated exactly. The new feature includes search through full text or even parametric searches.

LogicalDoc_Advanced search.jpg

LogicalDOC advanced search

Emails save as .eml files

There is now the ability to save entire emails in .eml format so that all the information contained in an email can be preserved such as attachments, images, text and addresses. As the emails are saved as .eml, LogicalDOCs emails will be accessible even when technology moves on.

LogicalDoc_Workflow Editor.jpg

LogicalDOC workflow editor

LogicalDOCs Document Management

This is only a small upgrade to an extensive and versatile system built on top of a Spring/Hibernate/JSF stack, which includes many other features that have been added as the software has evolved.  Features that include:

  • Personalized trash to restore deleted documents
  • New interfaces
  • Security policies applied at database level
  • Easy and high performance folder relocation when required

If you want to see more check out the video.

LogicalDOC is a document management system that treats documents from initial capture and creation, to sharing and collaboration, review and revisions. It ranges in price from US$ 1000 for the basic (but extensive) package to US$ 2000 for the enterprise premium edition. It also comes as a SaaS edition that is priced based on disk space needed and number of users.