Canadian firm Tagle offers an easy way to move your content to SharePoint via drag and drop.

Handle Files with Ease 

Tagle is a clever file and document management tool that offers a way for users to move files around between multiple services such as your desktop--bound Windows PCs, cloud services like Box.net, which it uses as a back-end, and now SharePoint. By replacing arcane solutions like FTP and making SharePoint file handling a lot easier to manage, Tagle could win a lot of friends. 

The company specialises in information for the energy and drilling industry, but the Tagle application can be applied to any scenario as a front end to various data sources. With one drag, you can move a file or email attachment into Tagle and drop it into your SharePoint folder, speeding up this process significantly.

FTP No More

Tagle is now up to version 2.0 and the SharePoint functionality is the latest addition to its growing roster of features. Tagle is a desktop client that fits into several of the company's products. Web Based Document Management Service -- Enterprise Edition is the company's lead product that allows users to access documents via the web or mobile, synchronize their desktop and search for files.


Tagle makes files accessible anywhere

Web Based Document Management Service -- Enterprise Edition effectively replaces the need for FTP and helps mobile users access their files on the go. It is also useful for sharing files without exposing them to the risk of email interception or being rejected when accessing large files that may be too large for your email provider or ISP.

For CAD $30 per-month for each user, with a minimum of three users, it offers secure transfer and an unlimited number of "external" user accounts that you can share files with. The SharePoint Content Connector comes in at the same price and lets users drag-and-drop when uploading documents to SharePoint, drag links for SharePoint content into email or files, as well as search for content.