MetaVis Takes Its SharePoint Solutions to The Government
Every one knows how much the U.S. government likes SharePoint. Now MetaVis (news, site), a provider of SharePoint migration managment tools, is in the position to offer their services.


Extending Reach Through Partnerships

Thanks to a partnership with Spectrum Solutions, MetaVis Technologies now finds itself on the U.S. government's General Services Administration’s (GSA) federal supplier list as an authorized vendor.

SharePoint has long been used as a leading collaboration tool within government agencies and SharePoint 2010 has the potential to be a key building block for the Open Government initiative,” said Spectrum Systems’ president, Ronald Segal. “MetaVis products will help government customers to better organize their SharePoint environments for improved search, site documentation and navigation. Not only will they be able to realize the full potential of SharePoint 2007 or 2010, but they will also improve their ability to satisfy governance mandates.”

Spectrum Software provides a number of IT related software and services to both private and public sectors. By partnering with MetaVis, they can now offer their clients services such as:

  • MetaVis Migrator: Managing the ongoing migration of content into SharePoint from File shares and other SharePoint environments.
  • MetaVis Architect: A visual designer that lets you create and manage SharePoint taxonomies and Site structures.
  • MetaVis Classifier: Organize SharePoint content and related metadata

Good news for governments who seem to make massive use of SharePoint and will be looking for ways to move to SharePoint 2010 in an effective and efficient manner.