Mobile App of the Week: Document Management with Secure Content Locker

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Our mobile app for this week is Air Watch’s Secure Content Locker app, the company’s mobile content management solution.

Who Are AirWatch?

Founded in 2003, AirWatch is an enterprise, mobile device, mobile application and mobile content management company. With over 5300 customers worldwide, it provides solutions that are compatible with a variety of devices including Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

In addition to mobile content management, other solutions the company offers include bring your own device (BYOD) management, mobile email management, mobile application management, as well as mobile platforms such as Airwatch Android Agent which helps manage Android devices.

Mobile Content Management and Secure Content Locker

Secure Content Locker is available under the mobile content management solution package that comes in a trial or paid subscription format (pricing varies depending on the services needed). Like former app of the week, Accellion, it is a document management and distribution tool allows users to access resources and documents from any location.

After installing Secure Content Locker, users will be assigned a username, password and group ID. From there, they will be redirected to the AirWatch console where they can add security features to specific documents, as well as upload and download new files that in turn, can be categorized by author, description, notes and keywords.

Administrators will also be able to track a document status, priority setting and deployment method, as well as being able to see when the document was download or last viewed.


Other features include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Administrators can control how a document is used by being able to control other users’ ability to open, edit, print or share files when using an unauthorized application.
  • Any documents saved through the app can be stored in AirWatch’s cloud-based management console.
  • Content can be searched through a keyword function.
  • Content can be viewed in optional online and offline or online only capacity.

The app is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices and it supports Office, iWork, PDF, JPG, audio and video content.

Is Airwatch a Keeper?

With today's mobile workforce, being able to manage documents from any device is critical. By having an organizational tool, like AirWatch’s Secure Content Locker, which recently won the 2013 Cloud Storage Excellence Award, not only will a user be able to manage and look at files from any device, but contribute to a company's marketing improvement strategy by having mobile access to relevant documents.

While there aren't any reviews about this specific product, Peter Stephenson of SC Magazine applauded the company’s overall management approach:

The company offers an impressive array of support, as well as a portal-based control methodology, which rolls up support, management and control into a one-stop-shop proposition,” he says.

A user review on G2Crowd, Nate Fish found that the only problem he had with AirWatch as a whole was its pricing.

The fact that it can meet any companies needs is a huge advantage for them. Almost every other MDM solution has either strictly on-premise or or hosted only,” he says. “There is not very much that I dislike about the Airwatch offering, [so] if I had to pick something out it would probably be the price."

With this mind if you’re looking for a mobile file management and sharing application, add Secure Content Locker to the list of alternatives.