Motive Adds Advanced Outlook Management in M-Files v7.0

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Motive Adds Advanced Outlook Management in M-Files v7.0
With the recent release of v7.0 of its M-Files document management software, Motive Systems (news, site) has upgraded in such a way as to make Outlook management considerably easier, as well as adding improved search and workflows.

While Motive has always insisted that M-Files is one of the easiest systems on the market, it does not mean that users get short changed on functionality. With the release of v7.0 Motive has added to that functionality by adding support for large document vaults.

And all of that through an interface that has undergone a number of improvements that will make it easier to search for and find documents, new features designed for Office 2010 and AutoCAD 2011 support, and six new languages.

Motive and Document Management

Motive has been busy over the past few months, particularly with the gradual roll-out of the cloud version of its document management software Cloud Vault, which finally reached maturity at the end of August.

The driving principal between both the on-premise and cloud versions -- v7.0 will also be available in the cloud -- is to keep document management as simple as possible.

Earlier this year Greg Milken told CMSWire that Motive believed that the principal reason there wasn’t greater take up on document management software was because too many systems were too complicated.

In fact, by his reckoning less that 20% of SMBs are using any form of document management solution, with many companies including large enterprises still relying on network drives to store business critical information.

M-Files and Outlook

With v 7.0 there are a number of new features that will appeal to the SMB market, principal amongst is the ability to make the management of Outlook a lot easier.

By adding new capabilities to its integration with Outlook, managing emails can either be automated, or canbe done through a simpledrag and drop system usingM-Files aware folders that automatically store emails in the M-Files vault, or repository.

M-Files email_v7.0.jpg

Users can do this by either setting up rules that send certain kinds of emails to the vaults, or by enabling users pull them into the vault folders themselves and in doing so enable automatedemail archiving, or enable users to send them into different work processes.

Without the ability to find those emails simplifying the archiving process is pointless, so when emails are sent across to the vault, they are automatically tagged with user-defined properties and metadata, which is applied not just to the email but to the email threads too.

The result is that users can search for and locate emails based on user-defined criteria such as subject, company, date or project, which is even further simplified by the system’s ability to automatically deduplicate emails in the vaults.

Learning Opportunities

Search and Workflow

There are also upgrades to search and workflows.


There are improvements to both general and advanced search settings in M-Files allowing general users to searchby strings, or by pre-defined search criteria, while advanced searches can be defined more accurately using advanced properties search.

M-Files search_v7.0.jpg

M-Files v7.0 Search


Workflows have also been upgraded with the ability to include assignments in the workflow enabling users to automatically assign information related to different tasks to specified users on the basis of the object's metadata.


M-Files v7.0 workflow

M-Files v7.0 Upgrades

And there are other upgrades too including:

  • Architecture flexibility for large environments
  • Easy workflow changes and shortcuts
  • Preview of files in a metadata card
  • Improved management of fault situations by means of server settings
  • New language versions including Russian and Chinese (21 different language versions).

Last year around the same time, Motive released v 6.0 not long after it opened an office in the US. With v7.0 Motive continues to expand in that market with a system that can operate even in the large enterprise space with the expanded vault abilities. The new version of M-Files can be downloaded from the Motive website. Current users can download to upgrade.