New Admin Features From Box Aim at the Heart of the Enterprise

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Online file sharing and collaboration sevice Box has a host of new updates aimed firmly at major enterprise users. From new admin tools to an improved license agreement, they will improve the service's appeal to IT admins and department purse holders.

Out of the Enterprise Box

Box has three options on its front page; personal, business and enterprise IT. The latest batch of updates if aimed firmly at the third category with the headline improvements offering an advanced administrator console and enterprisewide search.

The console gets a major upgrade, now letting admins easily search across the entire company to locate content and quickly view files owned by each user. More granular search options will provide a new level of visibility and transparency to help in keeping business-critical content secure, protecting bumbling users from themselves and allowing admins to maintain an eagle eye.

Additional features include mobile security options for the ever increasing smartphone and tablet crowd. An Android admin console is available now, with an iOS edition not far behind. These feature passcode locks and file saving restrictions to prevent files escaping the company fold.

Learning Opportunities

There is also support for multiple email domains, activity notification archiving, and, behind all the features is a new, overarching enterprise licensing agreement.

Read the Small Print

Box's new Enterprise License Agreement for customers gives predictable pricing over the lifetime of a multi-year contract, which saves the customer money, while simplifying the management of account contracts. That has to be good for IT trying to acquire services when Accounts departments are getting scared of variably priced cloud services.

Read the full Box blog post for the complete update details. With box tying into enterprise CMS and making other strides into the business space recently, it should have little trouble becoming a player that is taken more seriously among the largest of IT departments looking to be more nimble and agile in the document and information management arenas.

The company will be holding its BoxWorks 2012 event, Business without Boundaries, in San Francisco during October, which will be an ideal time to find out about the service and how it can help your business.