It's been a busy month for Nuxeo, provider of the open source Nuxeo Document Management platform. The lastest update includes the ability to wire your Enterprise CMS repository into Amazon's S3 cloud storage service. Read on for details.

Earlier this month the company annouced an integration with the Actuate BIRT open source business intelligence tools. Now, the Paris-based company has released a component named Amazon S3 Online Storage via the Nuxeo Marketplace. The add-on allows Nuxeo customers to configure storage of certain Nuxeo data in Amazon's storage cloud. 

Amazon S3 + Nuxeo’s Enterprise CMS

Nuxeo’s plug-in based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform is in use by over 1000+ organizations across 145 countries according to company data. Many of those users have already embraced cloud computing, and as their ECM-based content grows there is an increasingly growing need to make Nuxeo play a little nicer in the cloud. The company is listening.

Amazon S3 is arguably one of the most popular cloud-based storage services. It offers users a highly scalable, secure, infrastructure on-demand with a usage-based pricing model. With very little effort, users inherit a sophisticated infrastructure platform similar to what Amazon uses to run its own network of sites.

Nuxeo's newly announced Amazon S3 Online Storage component allows users of Nuxeo's ECM platform to easily, take advantage of the cloud storage goodness that is Amazon's S3 and store files -- binary attachments associated with Nuxeo documents -- in an Amazon S3 bucket.

The new package requires Nuxeo Document Management 5.4.1 for installation. Once the Amazon S3 Online Storage add-on is installed, the component provides access to the configured Amazon S3 account for remote file storage completely transparently to the application end user; the installation however is not transparent.

Installation and configuration of the S3/Nuxeo package, requires administrators to change a few Nuxeo templates and provide values for the configuration variables that define:

  • S3 credentials for the desired account
  • S3 bucket
  • Encryption choices

Users can also optionally specify geography for the S3 bucket and a storage cache size. There are, however, no dependencies upon any other packages in the ECM platform.

Amazon S3 Online Storage Component Availability

Version 1.0.0 of the component is available for download in the Nuxeo marketplace as a package under a GNU LGPL license. Potential users should take note that the component’s production state is currently listed as Testing, making it potentially non-viable for production use at this time.

Complete documentation for the component is available from Nuxeo here. Nuxeo is encouraging anyone that tries the component to provide feedback; we would like to know your thoughts on the integration as well.