O3Spaces & Xandros Further OSS SharePoint Offensive

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O3 Spaces
In a match made somewhere near heaven O3Spaces, B.V. -- the open source challenger to Microsoft SharePoint and provider of the O3Spaces Workplace Collaboration platform -- and Linux distro vendor Xandros have announced an agreement to provide OpenDocument and MS Office document collaboration, management and retention services for the forthcoming release of Xandros Server 2.0Standard Edition.O3Spaces targets SharePoint, whilst Xandros chips away at Windows Server and Windows XP sales.Xandros Server is a commercially packaged Linux server distribution that combines Linux features and functionality with the tools and administration processes similar to Windows Server Administration.At the core of the Xandros Server architecture is something the company calls the Xandros Managed Community. The Managed Community is a conceptual model for managing the Xandros Server and the services operating in the server's context. The Managed Community tools identify interdependencies among services and appliesworkflow automation to manage them, and does so via a simplified, centralized administration view.“We were especially impressed by how easy it was to integrate O3Spaces into the Xandros Server's community of managed services," said Dr. Rob Mentink, O3Spaces CEO. "Together we provide enterprise class tools for collaborative projects while minimizing IT overhead.”O3Spaces is a Dutch operation that delivers open source document management and collaboration tools. Product features include a tabbed web interface for browsing document shares, Microsoft Office interoperability and an integrated communication workspace inside the browser.The O3 vision is to grow and promote Open Office, Star Office, and ODF-centric applications and tools, helping these technologies to achieve parity as enterprise office and collaboration solutions. O3Spaces started as a prototype in the fall of 2005 and has been gaining momentum ever since. The product is written in Java, and based on the Tomcat Server with a PostgreSQL backend.Xandros was founded in May 2001 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Based on the former Corel Linux OS -- acquired from the Corel Linux Business Division in 2001 -- Xandros provides both desktop and server distributions of the ever popular Linux operating system. The company aims to compete directly with Microsoft for both desktop and server operating system market share.We covered O3Spaces in greater detail back in November of 2006. See the article O3Spaces Challenges MOSS for Team Collaboration for additional details.