Open Text Capture Center 4: Improved Document Recognition, Data Capture

Open Text (news, site) released version 4.0 of Open Text Capture Center that offers improved data capture, document classification and better integration with the Open Text ECM Suite.

This product is based on Captaris DOKuStar Capture Suite that came to the OT family through the Captaris acquisition in late 2008.

How Capture Center Works

Those ploughing through heaps of paper documents might find an automated capture system vital to their business processes and cost reduction in the world of transactional content management. Any paper document -- like purchase orders, insurance claims, expense reports, eDiscovery materials or invoices -- can be put though data capture, document classification and data recognition processes in order to extract the needed data (e.g. customer numbers).

Capture Center 4 starts its automation work in the (digital) mailroom, at the very point of entry for documents. No manual data entry (thus, less errors) could be one of the biggest advantages of using an automated system.

Next step is to use the extracted data and launch a business process – a payment of invoice, for example.

Records retention and archiving functions follow, as part of the Open Text enterprise content management product and via integrations with other software vendors such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

Recognition Bonanza

Document recognition traditionally starts with document classification to determine the type of document. Second step is document extraction, using character and document recognition algorithms to extract the relevant data.

open text data extraction.jpg

Data extraction from documents is a multi-step process.

Capture Center 4 includes several recognition modules providing classification features in addition to the text-based classification used in the Open Text ECM Suite.

Recognition capabilities include:

  • Machine and hand print recognition
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Intelligent character recognition (ICR)
  • Intelligent document recognition (IDR)
  • Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR)
  • Special font recognition
  • Adaptive recognition

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