Enterprise CMS technology specialist OpenText is releasing a new version of the OpenText Capture Center software solution aimed at users who want to move from a paper to a digital environment.

OpenText Goes Mobile

Capture Center 10.2, an open document capture platform that uses optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent document recognition (IDR), includes enhancements such as improved support for mobile document scans. To help compensate for the lower fidelity images produced by mobile scanners, OpenText says the latest iteration of Capture Center offers improvements in its image-handling algorithms and character recognition capabilities. It also integrates with the OpenText Tempo file sharing/synchronization tool.

Other enhancements to Capture Center 10.2 include user and task management functionality that assigns document batches to specific users or user groups, access control and additional support for what OpenText calls “high availability” scenarios, such as individual management and relocation of databases.  In addition, Capture Center 10.2 offers updates to its failure recovery capabilities and a new notification mechanism.

OpenText is capping off a busy month with the release of the latest version of Capture Center. At the beginning of May, OpenText launched a partnership with ConceptShare that links the OpenText media management tool to the ConceptShare visual collaboration platform, with the goal of easing creative review, collaboration and workflow. In addition, OpenText purchased cloud-based information exchange vendor EasyLink for US$ 310 million, but has said little about its strategic reasons for the acquisition.

People Everywhere Just Want to Be (Paper-) Free

By focusing many of the enhancements in the latest version of Capture Center on digitizing paper documents, Open Text is responding to what appears to be a healthy desire in the marketplace for “paper freedom.” As reported by CMSWire in February 2012, a survey conducted by AIIM indicates that while paper consumption is going down in 35% of organizations, most companies aren’t actively using scan-and-capture solutions (such as Capture Center), with a lack of access to the right technology a leading reason.

However, respondents are interested in the better searchability and sharability of documents that scan and capture technologies provided, as well as improved process productivity and reduced storage costs. Add in the fact that 38% of respondents are currently using a mobile scanning device and OpenText appears to be entering the market for assisting companies in going paper-free at the perfect time when momentum has been built, but not so much as to impede opportunity for growth.