With the release of AutoVue 20.0, Oracle (news, site) has pushed the boundaries of its document visualization capabilities by enabling users across the enterprise access and view complex documents, including 3D CAD drawings that would normally be restricted to core users.

AutoVue 20.0 software can be integrated solely into desktops or in client server deployments, while a new offline mode enables mobile users add data offline and remotely, which is then updated when connected to the network.

‘Walk-through’ Collaboration

But this new version is more than just a visualization tool. It also enables users across different departments collaborate on different documents stored in different repositories across the enterprise with mark-up capabilities that also extends to the new 3D ‘walk-through.’

Oracle-Autovue 20.0 3D_2010.jpg

Auto|Vue 20.0: 'Walkthrough' 3D

With this feature, users can travel through a 3D representation of a building, or other complex structures, and add mark-ups to different aspects of the drawing, which can also be viewed and commented upon by other users. While AutoVue 20.0 is going to be of considerable benefit to users across all enterprises it is aimed at the engineering, architecture and manufacturing sectors where large graphic documents are an essential part of the business process.

Oracle uses the example of maintenance work where engineers can monitor repair activity in the 3D model with updates and activity records added to the document as comments are made.

And while 3D representations themselves are not new, improvements in file access speeds and the amount of memory required to use this feature has improved collaboration abilities by extending the possibility of access to everyone.

AutoVue Upgrades

There are other upgrades here that will be of interest to those not directly involved in engineering or architecture, but who work in these kinds of companies. Mobility is one its strong points, as is the enterprise-wide access multi-page Word documents, or 2D CAD documents.

Oracle-Autovue 20.0 2D_2010.jpg

AutoVue 20.0: 2D CAD images

Users can also open large multi-page documents and start working as soon as the first page is loaded, while AutoVue 20.0 continues to download the rest of the document in the background.

Other features include:

  • File comparison: File comparison abilities enable comparison between CAD or EDA files with all changes between different versions noted.
  • Access: AutoVue can be accessed from Oracle’s Primavera Dashboard that comes with its project management and contract management software.
  • SDKs: Web services-based integration enables deployment in Java, .NET, C++ environments.
  • License Tracking: Automated tracking of AutoVue deployments across the enterprise.

While AutoVue 20.0 is a new release, AutoVue itself is not. Targeting technical verticals that need to constantly improve productivity, its principal focus according to an Oracle white paper is to facilitate collaboration, and while there is a strong underlying emphasis on collaboration on ‘visual’ documents it enables users collaboration on just about any document type there is.

The software can be integrated with third-party products like SharePoint and Documentum, as well as other Oracle applications.