ownCloud Update Includes App Store, Cloud Text Editing
 The latest release of ownCloud, the young open source file, sync and share project, includes new features and improved stability.

What's New

Version 3 includes an app store that supports installing third-party ownCloud add-ons from within the ownCloud Admin interface.

ownCloud users can have access to and edit documents if the service is mounted via WebDAV, access them offline or within a web browser with the new text editor. The new text editor, which is based on the ACE JavaScript Editor, supports 35 programming languages and support for doc and ODT formats is planned for future updates. The latest release also has a PDF viewer built in, a photo gallery application and an improved calendar interface.

ownCloud started back in 2010 at a KDE community event, and the community has been busily contributing to the new release. Not only did the community enhance integration between ownCloud and LDAP or Active Directory servers, according to the announcement:

Since the release of ownCloud Version 2 in October, the ownCloud community has enabled ownCloud for Juju Charms (Ubuntu) and built pre-configured software and virtual appliances ready for direct deployment in SUSE Studio. Additionally, the community has created a new website (owncloud.org) as well as a new forum site (forum.owncloud.org), improved installation documentation, and produced a new bug tracker (bugs.owncloud.org)."

Hitting the Big Time

ownCloud was formally founded last year, and in December the project announced that former SUSE and Novell executive, Markus Rex, would be joining the company as CEO and CTO.

The first week of 2012, ownCloud announced that former CA Technologies product marketing senior director, Matthew Richards, was joining the project as vice president of products. Richards was brought on board to provide product-related strategies and initiatives for ownCloud.

This might be a young project, but it is already making strides to catch up with competitors such as Dropbox and Box. Still, with its 350,000 users, ownCloud has a lot of ground to cover. Dropbox, for example, boasts more than 45 million users. ownCloud is off to an exciting start to the year, so check back for more announcements as the project continues to gain momentum.