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    Datto Seeks to Shake-Up the EFSS Space

    Need enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) on a budget? Norwalk, Conn.-based Datto thinks its Datto Drive is the answer. Datto Drive is an EFSS application that is offering a service to rival Box, Dropbox or even Microsoft  at 10 percent of the cost of those other vendors, according

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  • Build Your Own Dropbox-Like File Server with ownCloud 8

    Mention the phenomenon called Shadow IT  — and someone will likely mention Dropbox.  Shadow IT happens when departments or individual employees use technologies that aren’t sanctioned by IT — something that has been increasingly easy to do since cloud-based services arrived. And Dropbox is often the service of choice.

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  • ownCloud Version 4 Features Versioning, Encryption

    Open source enterprise data storage/sharing software development project ownCloud has released version 4, the latest version of the ownCloud suite that includes numerous new features and functions. ownCloud already enabled platform-agnostic data access, multidevice data synchronization and open data sharing, and now offers capabilities such as versioning and encryption.

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  • ownCloud Update Includes App Store, Cloud Text Editing

     The latest release of ownCloud, the young open source file, sync and share project, includes new features and improved stability. What's New Version 3 includes an app store that supports installing third-party ownCloud add-ons from within the ownCloud Admin interface.

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  • Former SUSE Exec Joins Open Source ownCloud, Launches Commercial Entity

    ownCloud, an open source file-sharing project, announced that former SUSE and Novell executive, Markus Rex, will be joining the company as CEO and CTO. Rex and Frank Karlitschek, ownCloud  founder, will work together on the new commercial entity they formed around the project.

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