PaperHost Aims To Make Data Capture Easy

One of the major hurdles for those investigating document management systems is the method for populating the system with data. As we all know, data entry is both time-consuming and costly.

PaperHost, the Software-as-a-Service document management system provider, has announced a product that aims to streamline data capture. phUPLOAD allows remote offices or employees to easily transmit scanned documents into the document management system.

Growing Need for Centralized Document Management

With more companies going virtual -- that is, operating in geographically dispersed locations and allowing employees to work remotely -- a major hurdle is centralized document management. If a company has one place where document scanning takes place, the issue is minimal. However, what about companies that can't afford this luxury?

By using an electronic scanning and document capture, companies can lower costs and eliminate a high degree of worry about mishandling documents. Electronic data scanning eliminates shipping costs, increases security and aids in avoiding data loss from theft or other catastrophe.

PaperHost's Product Features

PaperHost's phUPLOAD allows a remotely located worker or an office to scan a document as a TIFF, PDF or Microsoft Office document and load the document's data directly into the document management system. After a user is authenticated via their PaperHost credentials, they can upload documents individually or in batches.

phUPLOAD also provides indexing tools including drop-down menus, database lookup, carry forward fields that aim to help augment the data indexing/data warehousing process. 

To further automate the data input process, documents can be indexed during scanning. Context sensitive fields are matched against a previously instituted schema that exists within the PaperHost system. Once the documents are indexed, the documents uploaded into PaperHost are available within a few minutes to authorized document users.

Suite of Document Solutions

phUPLOAD is the beginning on the document management process with PaperHost. Once the data is captured, complimentary products such as phINDEX indexes documents, making it possible to associate the document with other lookup values for retrieval and data warehousing needs. Using phCONNECT and phSCAN make sit possible for PaperHost customers to use scanning hardware to automate data retrieval using multifunction scanners in large volumes.

PaperHost is a 26-employee privately-owned company headquartered in Roswell, Georgia.  The company has been in business since 2000 and is lead by CEO Jim Coyle.

PaperHost seems to be an attractive option for those looking to use a cloud-based document management system.  If you have remote workers or remote offices, the company has many scanning and software solutions to make document management less stressful.