PSI:Capture 3.6 Offers SharePoint Migration, Fax and Image Archiving
PSIGEN Software (news, site) continues it development of PSI:Capture with the release of v3.6, which, like previous upgrades, adds a couple of more small improvements that should make things a bit easier for all concerned.

This time they have focused on improving the abilities of v3.6 to archive fax images automatically as well as additional enhancements to their Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) software. And again, they have also spruced-up their SharePoint migration abilities.

PSIGEN, Atalasoft And SharePoint

PSIGEN hasn’t specified where the improvements in SharePoint migration lie, but at the end of October they announced the bundling of Atalasoft’s (news, site) Vizit SP and PSIGEN’s PSI:Capture.

The result is a feature rich scanning and capture on ramp for MOSS and WSS. Users can capture document images to SharePoint from a wide variety of scanning devices, including direct connect scanners and scanning copiers.


PSI:Capture and SharePoint

It can also migrate documents into existing libraries, or alternatively auto-create document libraries and columns based on index/metadata information.

Fax Archiving

However, the real improvement in PSI:Capture 3.6 is the new ability to create searchable fax repositories. According to Stephen Boals, VP of Sales, the development of this ability was in direct response to pressures from their clientele to provide such a function.

The new fax archiving function will archive fax images based on user defined rules such as aging and date creation, and will enable any company to create a searchable archive in any compatible document management software, or content management system, including SharePoint.

PSIGEN has been upgrading its products at a rate of at least one a month (and sometimes two). It's mid-November now so still plenty of time for a Christmas treat.

If the company is as responsive to customer feedback as it says it is, maybe you could send your list to the PSIGEN software elves!