A new partnership between Irish enterprise web content management developer pTools (news, site) and document conversion specialist Riverdocs will extend pTools WCM by enabling users to transform PDF’s and Microsoft Office documents into searchable HTML pages.

The principal benefit of the new solution, pTools says, is that it improves the searchability of all documents by automatically transforming documents and attachments into readable web pages and publishing them to browser.

HTML And Compliance

Targeted at government and the financial services market, pTools is carving itself a piece of the compliance and eDiscovery pie by making large documents transparent and searchable while at the same time eliminating time consuming manual migration into an ECM system.

It was a smart move by pTools to get together with Riverdocs. Created nearly ten years ago, and also based in Ireland, Riverdocs has made a specialty of converting documents originated for print, for reuse and repurposing in just about any format you can think of.

While it’s not exactly the ‘glamour’ end of content management, it does provide useful solutions for a world that is increasingly obsessed with transparency. These  solutions that convert PDF and Word to HTML should make achieving that transparency easier.

And it is these solutions that pTools have integrated into their system. As simple as can be, it works by dropping a document, which can run into hundreds of pages, into a folder in pTools content management software, which is then transformed using the Riverdocs solution.

While there are other solutions that offer conversion, pTools says this is different because it creates a document that is automatically ready for web publishing.

There are obvious advantages to converting to HTML like better search engine results and the ability to analyze web traffic. But this is not what pTools is aiming for.

It says its principal concern -- apart from making money -- is corporate social responsibility (CSR) which can be summed up in two words in this respect: compliance, eDiscovery.

Document Transformation

And yes there are other services that offer conversion, but pTools says this solution differs in that documents are also automatically publishable for web, cutting out the need for technical skills and resources -- and presumably budgets.

Already deployed across a number of companies in the UK and Ireland it provides:

  • Secure access to documents across the web
  • Document and web-page manual sign-off by users
  • Full compliancy according to guidelines
  • All search features associated with web pages
  • Accelerated publishing cycle

While this is a relatively simple addition to pTools’ WCM, it does extend it considerably and, pTools says, is still easy to deploy and adapt.