Records Management with SharePoint

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Mobius Management Systems, Inc., a leading content management vendor, today announced ViewDirect RM for SharePoint 4.6.ViewDirect RM for SharePoint is a complete records management solution forof Microsoft SharePoint Portal and Windows SharePoint Services and is based on technologies gained in Mobius' eManage acquisition, in April of this year.The latest release enables organizations to index, link, store, search, access and manage records stored in SharePoint over the complete lifecycle, and destroy them in a timely manner, thus enabling compliance with regulatory requirements and corporate retention and disposition policies. These capabilities are achieved through a "touchless" approach that allows ViewDirect RM to manage the record lifecycle while the records remain in the SharePoint SQL repository."SharePoint has been widely adopted by organizations across all market segments," said David Winkler, vice president of product marketing at Mobius. "This has led to a sharp increase in the number of corporate records that are stored in SharePoint and a corresponding demand for records management solutions that can enforce corporate retention and disposition policies and help ensure regulatory compliance.ViewDirect RM for SharePoint is a component of the ViewDirect TCM suite for total content management. ViewDirect TCM comprises a highly scalable, high-performance content repository as well as a diverse range of products that integrate content across disparate repositories, support regulatory compliance and automate business processes.Documents that have been archived into the ViewDirect TCM repository will remain accessible through the SharePoint interface. Content stored in other repositories will also be accessed from SharePoint using ViewDirect Total Content Integrator, a Web services-based gateway that consolidates content across multiple repositories.