RSD Announces Data2Doc to Handle Data Aggregation
What is a major problem when trying to rope data into a content management system? Trying to contain, organize and aggregate unstructured and non-standardized data is likely one of the issues on the top of any content manager's list. This is why RSD has announced a new product called Data2Doc that aims to bring some structure and standardization to PDF documents and other data sources. The new offering will enable customers to quickly deliver business-critical, data-rich documents quickly and easily.

What Does Data2Doc Do?

With Data2Doc, enterprises will be able to generate secure PDF documents with a unified data model that will incorporate text, shapes, images, graphs, matrices, annotations, hyperlinks, optical mark recognition, tables of contents and already existing PDF elements. The Java application will also extract data from diverse sources including databases, XML and CSV formatted files.

Filling A Need

As stated in the announcement, company CEO Pierre Van Beneden says Data2Doc fills a need in the document management market place. He says: "More and more, our customers are looking for RSD products to handle a broader range of their production document management needs. Data2Doc complements our flagship EOS solution to provide very sophisticated document composition capabilities. Our customers can now manage the delivery of customer-ready, high-quality documents within the RSD product family."

A Functional Solution

Data2Doc offers these attractive features: * Allows the creation of elaborate data models, used to generate PDF documents * Sorts, filters and applies aggregate functions to source data * Supports creation of a single PDF into different languages, complete with region-specific time and date formats * Saves time by allowing users to avoid creating individual elements required for documents such as routine reports and analyses With the unprecedented growth of the Enterprise CMS and Document and Records Management (DRM) markets -- which are expected to reach US $3.5 billion in sales numbers by 2012 -- we can't stress enough the importance of enterprise need for proper document management tools and strategies. Data2Doc could be one of these tools, if it fits your organizational objectives.