SDL Does Predictive Text With Global Content Authoring Tools
SDL (news, site) saves typing by adding your company's commonly-used phrases to its globe-spanning translation and management software.

Software That Does the Typing For You

SDL has a wide range of document management, Web and structured content, and translation tools to help bring an enterprise's printed or published content together in a consistent manner, whatever the language. To improve that consistency, it has launched a new AutoSuggest feature for its Global Authoring Management System (GAMS) product.

It works just like predictive text on your phone, but has access to the body of your corporation's work to refer to, plus the translation as well, so that will always be correct too. If it sees you starting to type a stock phrase or term, it will leap in and save you the effort.

With company lexicons, technical manuals and "approved" terms always on the rise, the tool will reduce the time it takes to generate work, saving money and effort while improving the adherence to style of the company's documents. As the company's blog post also points out, it will help non-native writers learn and keep to the company style.

AutoSuggest in action

Faster Checking, Too

Another new feature in GAMS is the ability to automatically parse multiple sets of documents to ensure consistency between them. So, if your company has people writing for the same product set in different offices or even on different continents, the documents can be processed to look as though they were written consistently. This can also generate reports on the cost of translation and consistency of style.

Along with other SDL products such as Translation Management System and Automated Translation Solution, these documents can be converted into any language, and with the Tridion Web content management package, can appear online at the push of a button.

SDL on the Rise

With a collection of recent acquisitions and partnerships, SDL will have a number of new features that it can feed into its product line-up. This should help make it more attractive to new users and to keep its 170,0000-strong user base happy.