Webtrends Brings Analytics to SharePoint
 It's not just content management and social computing vendors who want to a part of SharePoint's ecosystem, analytics vendors are seeing the writing on the wall as well. Webtrends (newssite) arrives just in time to offer its analytic solution for SharePoint 2010.

Analytics For Internal and External Deployments

Webtrends offers capabilities that can help an organization monitor and track the activities of employees, partners and customers. And this is exactly what SharePoint 2010 will need. Called Webtrends Analytics for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, you will be able to track visitor activities like documents viewed, navigation, web parts viewed, search and more. So you can report not just on collaboration activities related to documents and other content, but also community activities.

It works by placing a JavaScript tag on the pages you want to track. The script executes upon page load and tracks activities for different parts of the page.


Webtrends for SharePoint 2010, Document Activity

There are a number of reports available, including:

  • Web Parts Viewed
  • Breadcrumbs Report
  • Document Actions
  • Activity By User
  • User Specific Document Interaction

Webtrends for SharePoint 2010 uses Webtrends Analytics 8.x or higher and can be run either with Webtrends On Demand or Webtrends Software with SmartSource Data Collector.

It is important to point out that Webtrends recommends this solution for intranet based SharePoint 2010 environments that use the standard master templates and themes. It's likely that more configuration or customization of the solution may be required for other uses or if SharePoint has been heavily customized.

Not Just For SharePoint 2010

Webtrends did offer integration with SharePoint 2007. It also works by placing JavaScript on the pages and tracks much of the activity. Considering the community functionality within SharePoint 2010 is new, this is then also new to the Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint 2010.

Webtrends offers its SharePoint 2010 solution as part of its OpenExchange. Not sure how much it will cost you, but if you want really good analytics on your SharePoint 2010 implementation, its a solution worth looking at.