Christmas in CMSWire Town continues with this week's roll-up of expert advice on the almighty SharePoint. Read on for tips on making SharePoint social, improving your portal's environment and how to approach it as a whole. 

How to Make SharePoint More Social without Creating a New Silo

Yaacov Cohen (@yaacovc): As the social enterprise is gaining traction, we’re seeing an increasing number of enterprises evaluating an alternative, best-of-breed strategy: using a social platform such as Jive, IBM Connections or Yammer for social computing and SharePoint for document collaboration and Intranet. The benefit of this approach is users continue to share and collaborate on documents using Office and SharePoint, as they are accustomed to, while the social platform delivers interactive micro-blogging, activity streams and communities.

The Future of Social Computing in SharePoint

Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet): While SharePoint 2010 leads in almost every Gartner Magic Quadrant in which it appears, it does not lead in social computing. But before you say anything about this perceived limitation, let’s explore what the platform’s real shortcomings are and how they impact the majority of businesses and end users, and discuss what additional investments you may need to make in order to ensure that SharePoint delivers the features and capabilities your employees need to be productive.

Why Settle for SharePoint?

John Newton (@johnnewton): Microsoft makes billions of dollars from SharePoint. It's their premier revenue generator at this point. The reason has mostly to do with Microsoft's sheer size, of course, and the prevalence of their operating system and office suite, particularly in small and medium businesses. But something else is going on here: IT is settling for less than it deserves.

Your SharePoint Records Governance Plan and ISO 15489: Taxonomies & Folksonomies

Mimi Dionne (@cawprhyd): I find Microsoft’s advice regarding how to properly assemble a taxonomy somewhat nonsensical, but it’s because I love the Records and Information Management standard ISO 15489 so much. As you write your SharePoint 2010 Records Governance Plan, I recommend you consider the following.

Is SharePoint a Savior for Information Management?

Laurence Hart (@piewords): For years, the challenge with many information and content management systems has been the lack of discipline. I’m not referring to missing knowledge or processes but to the lack of control people have faced in keeping the scope of the effort under control. It is too easy to try and take full advantage of any product right out of the gate. In many ways, SharePoint might actually be a savior and help people to properly scope their initiatives.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Information Management Quick Fixes to Improve Your SharePoint Environment

Joe Shepley (@joeshepley): Typically, SharePoint is a mess wherever I go — little better than the share drives (and often worse than the Notes databases) it’s meant to replace.

Part of the difficulty organizations face with SharePoint is both how big the problem is and how small the solution needs to be; that is, everyone, everywhere, across all organizations and across all SharePoint sites suffers the effects of a bad SharePoint environment, and the solution won’t come from sweeping organizational reforms, but from changes to how each person works with each document every single time they touch it.

The Right Way to Approach SharePoint 2010

Oscar Berg (@oscarberg): SharePoint 2010 is like the Swiss army knife for information management. It is a versatile platform with capabilities covering many areas of information management, from publishing and document management to business intelligence and collaboration. However, just as you can cut yourself on a knife, there are ways you can either cut yourself on SharePoint 2010. In other words, there are ways to fail even with a capable and modern platform as SharePoint in your hands, and whether you will fail is determined by how you approach it. 

From Our Own Kitchen

We've also got a couple nuggets of SharePoint goodness from the CMSWire staff to share with you. 

SharePoint in the Enterprise: So You Think You Can Make it Work

Barb Mosher (@barbmosher): We are in the final leg of our summer and what better time to tackle a topic like SharePoint in the Enterprise. There are more opinions, both expert and otherwise, on whether SharePoint is an enterprise solution than there are flavors of ice cream. And here's the awful truth…everyone is right.

Socializing SharePoint: A Look at 4 Leading Social Software Integrations

Chelsi Nakano (@Chelsi): While SharePoint has been a leader in the document and content sharing category for some time, it has remained admittedly weak on the social media front. A number of companies from the third-party ecosystem are trying fill the gaps between the portal's strong points and shortcomings with infusions of popular functions, and we thought it would be useful to highlight a few of the top dogs.

Developing an Information Management Strategy for SharePoint

David Roe (@druadh2o): In this, the month of everything SharePoint at CMSWire, we’ve started looking at SharePoint in some detail and with some interesting results. Last week, Jed Cawthorne, a Senior Strategy Consultant for enterprise content management, looked at uses for SharePoint. Here we will look at some of the challenges with deployments in the enterprise.