ShareStream Combines Multimedia and Xythos Document Management with New Connector

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Education and media-based communication rich-mediamanagement provider ShareStream (news, site) has a new integration with the Xythos Platformallowing users to have a single environment for managing document and richmedia such as video.

ShareStream, Xythos Integrate Multimedia and Document Management

ShareStream’s Rich Media Platform provides a completesolution for creating, editing, delivering and storing multimedia content in anenvironment that is secure and can be monitored. Xythos provides the back platformfor a Blackboard Learn a system leveraged by a large number of educationalorganizations across the globe.

Now ShareStream has announced a connector built on its open web services API thatcombines both platforms and allows customers of both tools to have a holisticview multimedia and document content. The connector eliminates the silos thatexist in many organizations between the two content types.

Users of Xythos will now be able to access ShareStreamfunctionality such as:

Learning Opportunities

  • Meta-data driven search
  • Video content management for storage andmanagement of large files
  • Digital Rights Management to control contentaccess and protection of intellectual rights
  • Media Dropbox for unload content
  • Personal Media Gallery for viewing and sharingdigital content

Connector Integration Points

The newly announced connector for Xythos continuesShareStream’s practice of ensuring broad interoperability with the popularBlackboard products. The connector includes several integration points like:

  • Integrated security management : This simplifiessecurity management by enabling single sign-on between Xythos and theShareStream’s platform. When users’ access Xythos they can only see the contentthey have permissions to access
  • Enhanced search: Allows Xythos’ search to accessShareStream multimedia content and metadata from within the Xythos userinterface
  • Browse and play: Enables Xythos users to browseShareStream content which they have permission to access and play the contentfrom inside of Xythos similar to how users can browse files and directories fordocuments.

Users of Xythos will likely welcome these changes because itwill make managing both content types more efficient since the features are nowin a single tool.