Sitrof and Content Circles Offer Peer-to-Peer Doc Exchange
Sitrof Technologies and Content Circles (news, site) recently combined forces and kicked out a tool that packs both peer-to-peer sharing and compliance solutions. Aptly named DocExchange, the solution enables users to securely share large amounts of information across firewalls.  

Complete Privacy and Security

Content Circles has really blossomed since we first noted their server-free collaboration tool in January of last year. Designed to help distributed teams work collaboratively and securely, their platform connects people regardless of their location, allowing them to pass encrypted blocks of content back and forth from desktop to desktop. Though there is a central, Internet-accessible Content Circles server maintained by the company, it's only used to provide directory, policy, auditing and related services.

Example of Content Circles Network

+ Sitrof

Sitrof has taken this technology and laced in its own regulated data protection and interface with Microsoft SharePoint for the DocExchange tool.This allows collaboration across firewalls and the tracking of content, which again, is never stored anywhere other than member computers. This also means that space isn't a problem, as there are no file-size limits.

”Sitrof is a strong ally – they have significant industry expertise that they bring to bear in DocExchange,” said Sri Chilukuri, CEO of Content Circles. “An increasing number of organizations are looking for an innovative solution like DocExchange to share data as privacy and security concerns continue to escalate.”

“We’ve implemented this solution at Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) so sensitive clinical trial data and documents can quickly and securely be shared with the pharmaceutical company who commissioned the research study," offered Bryan Reynolds, managing partner of Sitrof, as an example. 

The solution is available from Sitrof and their channel partners as of now, but you'll have to contact them if you want details.