Square 9 (news, site) unveils its new CMS, packed with new ease-of-use features to take the technical edge out of content management.

Go With the WorkFlow

Some six months after the last major update of its 2.x series content management system, Square 9 blooms into spring with a major new update. The lead-off feature for SmartSearch 3.0 is Work XChange that follows on from 2.3's Capture Workflow features. Work XChange allows users to display business processes as graphical steps and map out the route that data, information and pages should take.

With Work XChange  -- an option in the Professional version or a fixed part of the full-package Corporate edition-- running, every step in the process of your business can become an action. Manual actions require user input to perform a task while automated steps can filter and route work in the background. Users are given the appropriate options per step, making the process of moving documents through the queue easier. 


Check points help guide processes to the right people or outcomes

Documents -- be they invoices, written material or website updates -- can be check-pointed and routed to the appropriate users when certain criteria are met. The users involved are added to the system and the appropriate staff can be notified (via e-mail) of status changes, allowing workflow to proceed smoothly, while related metadata can be updated automatically within the document management system to keep the system in touch with events.

Feature Presentation

Additional updates include improved searching at the root level, or within chosen archives with simple or multi-value searches. Additionally, documents with sympathetic information can be merged into one for easier distribution among users.

In line with customer requests, some simpler modifications have been made to the back end. Fields can be ordered by criteria and columns resized to make viewing easier, and these saved as user preferences.

Behind the Scenes

Version 3.0 of SmartSearch is available for free to existing users with valid support contracts. Aimed at all sizes of company and with case studies ranging from dentistry to industrial supply, SmartSearch has a wide scope and the product is available through resellers.

SmartSearch 3.0 runs on Windows Server and XP Pro or later clients, with Server 2008 and Windows 7 being the optimum platform, and Microsoft SQL 2005 Express or higher.