Speedy Solutions Upgrades Organizer, Slashes Prices
Document management  provider Speedy Solutions (news, site)  has added a whole pile of new features to its Speedy Organizer document management software, slashed its price to US$ 94 annually for a single license for three PC’s, launched a new website to support the product and put it for sale on Amazon.

While you know at this kind of pricing you are not going to get the functionality of some of the really big document management software products, the New York- based company has been working on this software consistently and integrated it with Kodak Capture (news, site), Kofax (news, site), Digitech (site) and EMC Captiva (news, site) last September.

The result is a DMS that comes with the full support of Speedy Solutions that can be effectively combined with any Multi-Function Peripheral (MFP) on the market at the moment.

Speedy Organizer Marketing

While there is a number of new features with this release, the release itself has all the appearance of a massive marketing campaign with price cuts and new websites, rather than a full-scale point release.

However, this shouldn’t put anyone off. It has a wide-based functionality with new features particularly in its search functions that include:

  • Autofill
  • Keyword Searching
  • Full Text Searching
  • Advanced Relational Searching
  • Version Control
  • Document Reporting
  • And/Or Searching
  • Document Routing
  • Full Audit Trails and Logs
  • Time Document Destruction

And these to the features that it added last year for the SMB market, including:

  • Access to services from a fully menu-driven protocol with all operations achievable from one customizable menu screen
  • Automatic capture and storage of documents, once a process has been completed with access to those documents from anywhere in the system
  • Find documents anywhere in the system by interfacing directly to a Complete Windows system search
  • Security using specific user and administration IDs in combination with a complete audit trail.

DM and ECM Separation?

At the end of last year, CMS Watch predicted that over the course of 2010 one of the significant characteristics of the document management software industry would be that document management and enterprise content management would go their separate ways. Obviously, it is still very early in the year to say whether this will happen on not, but even last year there were signs that this would be the case.

With Speedy Solutions and Speedy Organizer the cost obstacle of deploying separate DMS and ECMs goes out the window, at least for the SMB market. For existing clients the new features will come with an update with no additional cost, while those interested in taking the jump can get it on from the website directly.