StoredIQ Announces 5th Generation of its Intelligent Information Management Platform

StoredIQ has released the fifth generation of its Intelligent Information Management platform. The vendor hopes the updated version will enhance and simplify eDiscovery, records management, information governance and storage management processes.

Thanks to some innovative functionality, new scalable architecture and new user interface, customers should be able to improve workflows between legal and IT. That’s the idea anyway.

Bridging the often distant territories of IT and legal, communications hindered by misinformation and technical specifications, a symbiotic relationship can now be formed using some of the new management features available. The features include:

Data Access Control

This process gives users the ability to grant access to potentially responsive data for audits, investigations and eDiscovery requests based on automatic content classification. Users can now review data prior to finalizing collection and preservation decisions -- without having to move data or temporarily change the security privileges on each system for each file or e-mail that needs to be reviewed.

The Scalable Storage Architecture

Companies now have the flexibility to increase capacity as data volume grows. StoredIQ’s NAS integration offers improved compute node performance, which can benefit large organizations that have high capacity requirements and need enterprise processing power and availability for indexing and managing their unstructured data.

Automated Systems Management Event Notification

IT administrators now can have a single, integrated SNMP MIB and automated, real-time alert system (e-mail and SNMP alerts) that facilitates best practices for enterprise manageability and availability, and enables administrators to easily monitor and respond to status changes.

Folder-Based Navigation

A new graphical user interface assists project management by simplifying both legal and IT management of multiple concurrent matters and regulatory compliance projects -- improving productivity and collaboration among team members.

Version 5.0 is almost taunting project managers on both side of the legal and IT fences to be more productive and efficient with the way they can update, share and manage information. But wait there’s more! StoredIQ v5.0 also includes a companion product, the Just-in-Time Desktop Agent, which works to reduce desktop collection burden.

As enterprises find themselves becoming more global with team members spread over continents and oceans, mobile workforces are becoming more common, but challenging to manager. StoredIQ’s dashboard console can centrally manage, stop, pause, and resume collections at any point.

Project managers unite! StoredIQ IIM Platform v5.0 and Just-in-Time Desktop Agent are available immediately.