StoredIQ Secures $8 Million Financing
Fresh off of an US$ 8 million investment used to expand their information management and eDiscovery solution, StoredIQ has put their money where their mouth is and announced the StoredIQ Desktop Agent solution.

Designed for "organizations who have geographically distributed sites, a highly mobile workforce, or a large number of employees" or as most call it, global CMS, the Desktop Agent Solution provides a central management console and network of friendly software agents to help filter and retrieve data related to search and discovery.

StoredIQ Eases eDiscovery Challenges

The challenges facing the global enterprise in matters of ediscovery range from privacy to bandwidth to document management. Whether you're a mobile user trying to access information across a VPN connection or you're stuck in the inefficient and time consuming efforts of data collection, StoredIQ is here to help.

Featuring a wide variety of features that lets it be installed only when necessary, that doesn't disrupt end users and can be automatically removed once searching has concluded, the desktop agent works to save companies time, money and sanity.

Its new functionality merely supports StoredIQ's tools to locate, identify, index and classify oodles of unstructured and semi-structured data. Whether you want to store, email or archive, StoredIQ's array of content, document and record management systems work to simplify and streamline the process so that companies can effectively search, analyze and target data related to litigation, compliance and regulatory issues.

Features of StoredIQ Desktop Agent

Capabilities of StoredIQ Desktop Agent include:

  • Network-friendly –  Designed to work across a variety of low bandwidth or high latency networks and through network firewalls to support VPN connections over ISDN, DSL or cable.
  • Centrally managed desktop agent dashboard – Provides centralized management and visibility of agent task assignments, activity and audit logs.
  • Intelligent desktop collection – Filters out non-relevant files on the target computer, reducing the amount of data to be collected and expediting the collection effort. 
  • Recover from disconnected connections – Preserves and resumes the status of the agent when the target computer re-connects to the network.  
  • Pause, resume, restart, cancel workstation activities – Pauses, resumes, restarts and cancels desktop tasks, allowing tasks to be dynamically prioritized.
  • Reserved agent connections –  Assigns desktop agent connections to key custodians and executives who require priority in responding to collection requests.
  • Concurrent desktop collections – Supports massively parallel collection activity across multiple computers, improving collection efficiency.
  • Write directly to litigation hold volume – Stores collected data to a target volume where StoredIQ can manage multiple litigation hold policies and de-duplicate data collected across different desktops and different matters.
  • Searchable audit trail history – Logs all activity performed by the desktop agent and makes it available for analysis.

The global enterprise is a challenging place to be at the moment. Economic, environmental and regulatory issues are growing and forcing companies to expand exponentially while trying to manage data at an equally fast pace. StoredIQ's new Desktop Agent brings order to the enterprise, just-in-time.

StoredIQ’s Desktop Agent Solution is slated for availability in Q3, 2009.