Another interesting add-on (or add-in) for SharePoint 2010 has just been released, this time by Lingotek (news, site) in the shape of a new set of APIs in Lingotek-Inside. The new APIs can take SharePoint content and translate it quickly and cheaply using machine translation software and real-time community translations.

While the SharePoint Lingotek-Inside software has just been released, it is not the first of its kind, as Lingotek has already produced solutions for other major applications including Drupal, Salesforce and Oracle’s UCM.

Using the API, Lingotek can be embedded directly into SharePoint, enabling users to search and find content located in SharePoint repositories and translate it quickly and cheaply.


Lingotek's SharePoint workflow

Lingotek CTP

Lingotek, using Lingotek-Insider, embeds its Collaborative Translation Platform (CTP) into SharePoint. From that point, content managers can upload and edit documents as well as invite and connect with community members who can not only view and contribute translations but also rate the precision and reliability of the translation.

Lingotek_Collaborative Translation Platform.jpg

Lingotek CTP

Simple as that may sound, there is nothing simple about CTP, which allows content to be categorized by administrators who decide how particular content needs to be translated by its relative value.
Features that come with CPT, and now with SharePoint by virtue of CPT, include:

  • Machine Translation: Automatic rapid translation providing the gist and overall meaning of a document for short-term usage and to indicate whether more detailed translations are required. It also has public and private machine translation engines like Microsoft Bing and Google Translate and LanguageWeaver.
  • Custom MT: Topic-based speciality translation through ProMT or Moses, which can also deal with general documentation too.
  • Advanced Translation Memory:Using advanced translation memory can match anything full sentences down to single relevant words to maximize translated data reuse.
  • Customized Storage Vaults: Enables enterprises decide where the translation documents are stored. The storage repositories can be shared or kept private and can be used either singly or combined on single translation projects.
  • Workflow Templates: Flexible templates can be prepared in advance and customized according to enterprise needs.

Finally, CTP also allows for ‘peer voting’ on the quality of the translation. It enables multiple users to review the translation for accuracy and consistency independently or concurrently. Once a translation has been approved by the desired number of users, it is automatically accepted and the project moves automatically on to the next stage. Find out more about CTP below.

Translation Options

Translation is a big business and the vendor that produces fast, cheap and accurate translations is on the winning end. The market is crowded however, and there have been translators for SharePoint 2007 -- AlphaMosaik for example -- and translation management through SharePoint’s Translation Library that creates documents in different language versions, so why Lingotek?

Embedding Lingotek directly into SharePoint 2010 makes a lot of sense. Given the spread of SharePoint worldwide and the need for translations that are far closer to the original than SharePoint can provide itself, Lingotek does the trick.

Lingotek says Inside is a cheap and fast way to get your SharePoint content translated, but we only have their word for it. However, there is a 30-day free trial so you can try it out for yourself. Let us know how you get on if you sign up!