Will iOS 8 Reinvent Document Storage Access for Mobile

Will iOS 8 Reinvent Document Storage, Access for Mobile?

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Apple's iOS 8 operating system is set to hit the streets next month.

We talked earlier this summer about its impact on mobile marketers. How they must be able to adapt to the changes, such as actionable push notifications, a notification center and lock screen widgets, developer access for in-app fingerprint passcodes and updates to limit location tracking.

But the new iOS is also going to have a deep impact on the way documents are accessed and stored on iOS devices, according to Mika Javanainen, product development executive for M-Files, a Dallas, Texas-based content/document management software provider. His thinking?

Apps will be able to extend beyond their sandbox, into other apps, thereby avoiding duplicate document copies during editing. For Apple, this is a huge departure from the separate silos system and makes the iOS platform more appealing to the enterprise market. Content management software/app providers will finally be able to access other apps to manage and edit documents


document management, Will iOS 8 Reinvent Document Storage, Access for Mobile?

Javanainen feels like this is, for sure. Apple is fundamentally reinventing document storage and access for its mobile devices with this new platform, he said.

"The architecture in iOS 7 and earlier assumes that applications have their own sandbox and can manage content within that sandbox only," Javanainen told CMSWire.

"So if you wanted to edit an M-Files document with MS Word for iPad, users would need to access the file in M-Files app and then select the “Open in Word” feature that technically copies the file to MS Word sandbox. When edits are done in MS Word, users would have to “open” the file in M-Files App and M-Files app would need to have logic to understand that the file is supposed to replace the old version instead of creating a new document."

Learning Opportunities

This is cumbersome for end-users, he said. A poor user experience. Jumping from one application another.

"The process also duplicates data between the app sandboxes," Javanainen said, "and the app developers have harder time to figure out, how to handle the document edits done with different apps."

Better Life

How will iOS 8 make life better for organizations and who will this benefit in particular?

App developers can implement features that copy documents into common document area that all apps can access, Javanainen told CMSWire. The same file can be modified using multiple apps and without creating unnecessary copies.

"The biggest winner is the end-user as these enhancements remove the duplication of files and hence free up storage," Javanainen said. "As for the development the app to app exchange will get easier, and app developers can invest the time saved to the development of new functionalities in their apps."

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